Open Enrollment: Are You Ready?

Health Plans of NC Staff
Open Enrollment Dates
Ready to enroll in a healthcare plan or update your coverage during the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period?

Health Plans of NC Independent Agents provide full service by addressing all of your questions when choosing a healthcare plan at NO COST TO YOU– including applying for financial assistance to reduce your cost. Why spend time searching for answers online when you can speak to someone directly and get quick and concise answers?

Our agents are with you through the entire enrollment process from plan comparison and selection, subsidy applications if applicable and any document uploads required. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to choose a plan that fits both your budget and healthcare needs for you and/or your family. We even have multilingual agents (Spanish and Korean) that can make the process go more smoothly.

Please reach out to the Health Plans of NC Independent Agent on this webpage NOW for an appointment if you’d like to review  your coverage, if you are planning on making some changes or if you’d like any additional information; we’re here to help!

Contact the Health Plans of North Carolina Independent Agent on this webpage to learn more during open enrollment for Medicare or Under 65  for Healthcare for Individuals and Families.

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