Supporting Our Seniors Amid COVID-19

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North Carolina seniors are at risk. Here’s how we’re helping support them.

Adjusting to our new routines during COVID-19 looks different for everyone. For some, it’s fewer trips to the mall or more meals at home. But for at-risk individuals, it can mean complete isolation.

As we now know, COVID-19 causes the most severe health issues for adults over 60, with particularly fatal results for those 80 years and older. This is forcing many senior citizens in our communities to stay indoors. While it helps limit coronavirus exposure, it also limits interactions with friends and family.

Senior isolation isn’t entirely a COVID-19 problem. But the virus has worsened the issue. In a pre-COVID study, 43% of seniors reported feeling lonely on a regular basis. In a post-pandemic study, this number jumped to 72%.

Not only is social isolation emotionally challenging–it also leads to physical health issues . These include higher mortality rates, poor cardiovascular function, impaired immunity, cognitive decline, and depression.

This population is also at higher risk of food insecurity. According to a recent study from Meals on Wheels, 34 percent of North Carolina seniors are threatened by hunger.

In an effort to help seniors remain independent and healthy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has invested $500,000 with Meals on Wheels of North Carolina. The organization is working to meet the increased need for food delivery to seniors across the state. The investment will be split equally among North Carolina’s 100 counties, resulting in a $5,000 commitment per county.

In a typical year, Meals on Wheels serves 41,711 North Carolina seniors. This year, with the help of Blue Cross NC, that number will increase by 11 percent.

These funds will be used to purchase items like refrigerators, freezers, packaging, and healthy food. Additionally, the investment will supplement delivery costs, PPE, temporary staffing support, and anything else that will help Meals on Wheels meet the needs of North Carolina seniors. 


Beyond food security

Meals on Wheels is finding other creative ways to support seniors experiencing social isolation. Meals on Wheels of Durham came up with a virtual game called “name that tune” that seniors can play over the phone. To play, participants hop on a call while the host plays music. Players compete against each other to see who can name each song the fastest. Games like this allow seniors to be social, while also being socially distant. The Meals on Wheels mission is to empower communities to improve the health and quality of life of the seniors they serve so that no one is left hungry or isolated. If you’d like to learn more about Meals on Wheels and how you can help support seniors in your community, visit the North Carolina branch website. The Meals on Wheels program is just one of the many local programs that Blue Cross NC is investing in to aid our community in COVID-19 relief. To learn more relief efforts and the latest on COVID-19, visit Blue Cross COVID-19 Resources & Updates.

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Blue Cross NC to Allow Early Prescription Refills for Members Across the State Due to Inclement Weather

DURHAM, N.C. – In response to the winter storm affecting North Carolina, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is allowing early prescription refills to ensure that customers have access to the prescription drugs they need. This action is in effect for the entire state under a state of emergency declared today by Gov. Roy Cooper. Effective immediately, early prescription refills are available to customers in all 100 North Carolina counties until Gov. Cooper ends the state of emergency declaration. This policy also applies to Blue Cross NC members in other states of emergency, outside of North Carolina, connected to this winter storm.
“All North Carolinians should focus on protecting themselves and their families, without added stress,” said Blue Cross NC President and CEO Dr. Tunde Sotunde. “The procedures we have initiated will help our customers get the medications they need during and after the winter storm.”
Members with questions about their coverage may log in to their self-service portal at to send a secure message or contact the customer service number on the back of their Blue Cross NC ID card. As the winter storm impacts the state, Blue Cross NC will continue to update customers through the company’s social media channels.
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