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By combining the knowledge of the dedicated agents of Health Plans of NC with the broad experience and comprehensive understanding of Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC (Blue Cross NC), we are able to offer our customers the following:

The Best Prices

Health insurance rates are regulated by the NC Department of Insurance. Whether you buy from us, or directly from Blue Cross NC, you’ll pay the exact same monthly premium for every plan offered by Blue Cross NC.

Fast Processing

We offer the fastest way to apply with Blue Cross NC. Your application can be submitted either online or on paper. When you use the paper application, we submit it to Blue Cross NC electronically, often significantly reducing the processing time.

Excellent Customer Care

We know that purchasing health insurance can be confusing. By offering professional and unbiased advice, our licensed health insurance agents will help you find the Blue Cross NC health insurance plan that meets your individual needs.

Our Services are FREE to You: The services offered by Health Plans of NC are provided at no extra cost to you. We are compensated solely through Blue Cross NC.

  1. Blue Cross NC Provider Internal Data; Percentages indicated represent Blue Cross NC’s PPO Network as of May 11, 2018. Note: Not all plans are available in all areas.

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