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Do I Need a Health Insurance Agent?

Selecting the right health insurance can be time-consuming and often overwhelming. There is a vast range of medical health insurance available via the Health Insurance Marketplace and private insurance agencies.

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Using a health insurance agent or a government navigator can help you find the right plan for your budget and health needs. 

Our local health insurance agents can help provide specialized guidance if you live in North Carolina. We help North Carolinians every day, learning about their needs so we can help them select the proper coverage. 

Navigators, in comparison, are paid by state and federal programs and aren’t allowed to accept compensation from health insurance companies or provide advice about specific plans.

What services do agents and navigators offer?

There are many similarities and differences between the roles and services of a licensed health insurance agent and a government exchange navigator. 


  • No cost to you: whether you work with a government exchange navigator or a licensed insurance agent, both offer their time, support, and services at no cost.

  • Assistance with applications: both can provide help with applying for government subsidies. Licensed insurance agents can be authorized to process subsidy applications, so check with your agent to see if they can help. Your ability to obtain subsidies through the Health Insurance Marketplace depends on your expected income. These subsidies can help you receive health care coverage without exceeding your budget.

  • Help with enrollment: licensed agents approved to process subsidy applications and navigators can help you enroll in subsidy-eligible health care plans. 


  • Recommending specific products: only licensed health insurance agents can recommend plans to help you meet your needs. Navigators cannot provide you with specific recommendations. They can help you compare plans but are not allowed to offer advice. 

  • Range of insurance options: navigators can only help you with health insurance plans offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace. They cannot assist with providing any information relating to private insurance. A licensed health insurance agent authorized to process Marketplace plans can offer advice about Marketplace and a range of other private health insurance plans.

  • Greater security: In many states, including North Carolina, licensed health insurance agents must undergo criminal background checks to get their licenses, while navigators aren’t required to undergo any background checks.

Why use an insurance agent?

Using a health insurance agent can ensure you’ve considered all the available options. Knowing you’ve explored the various choices can give you peace of mind that you’re getting the right amount of coverage for your budget at the right price point. Other benefits include: 

  • Help to understand the various jargon often used in the health insurance industry.

  • Ensuring the right level of coverage to meet your health care needs.

  • Advice on the complexities of the Premium Tax Credit many consumers are eligible for.

  • Help to compare prices and plans across multiple health insurance companies.

  • State-specific guidance. You can work with a local NC health insurance agent who knows the needs and networks specific to North Carolina.

  • Establishing a relationship with someone who can help with your future needs if you have any life changes, plan changes, or questions about claims and benefits. 

If you like to compare your options when making purchases, working with a licensed health insurance agent could be a good option. Our Medicare agents in Charlotte, NC, and our health insurance agents in Raleigh, NC, can help you rule out options that don’t fit your needs and recommend products that do. 

Wherever you are in North Carolina, you’ll find one of our experienced agents to help. Search for ‘health insurance agents near me’ and we’ll assist you to maneuver what can sometimes be a complicated and lengthy process to find the right insurance. Get in touch with us today, arrange a quote or call 1-800-797-0327.

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Ready to get started?

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