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Wake Forest, North Carolina

in Franklin County, Granville County, and Wake County

Wake Forest, North Carolina, is a fantastic place for families, with an excellent school system, low crime rate, and high quality of life. The city offers lots of different family-friendly activities and attractions. Adults and kids alike will enjoy Joyner Park Community Center and the E. Carroll Joyner Park, which provide playgrounds for kids, walking trails, and lots of picnic areas. In addition, Wake Forest has several parks and athletic fields for families who love sports, including Flaherty Park and Wake Forest High School Stadium. The town also hosts family-friendly events yearly, including a Mardi Gras Street Festival and the Wake Forest Christmas Parade.

Wake Forest is home to several highly-rated public and private schools, including Wake Forest Elementary School and Heritage High School. It also has a reputation as a safe and comfortable place to raise a family, with a strong sense of community that appeals to families of all ages. It also has a range of top-quality healthcare facilities for families, including  Wake Forest Baptist Health, in the neighboring town of Winston-Salem. The hospital offers emergency care, maternity care, and cancer treatment. Wake Forest (and surrounding areas) are also home to several primary care physicians and specialists, making it easy for families to access the care they need with a provider of their choice.

Wake Forest is in Wake County, with several zip codes, including 27587 for downtown Wake Forest and the E. Carroll Joyner Park and 27596 east of the town. Other nearby zip codes include 27545, to the south of the city,  27614, to the west—and 27560, 27601, and 27609 for different parts of the county.

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Wake Forest, North Carolina ZIP Codes include: 27587 and 27588

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