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How To Get Medicare Dental & Vision Coverage in NC

Regular dental and vision exams are essential to help prevent any health complications and maintain your overall health. If you live in North Carolina, our Medicare agents NC can help you understand how to get the right Medicare dental and vision plans for your needs. Once you know your options, you can plan and budget for your future.

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Does Medicare Provide Dental & Vision Coverage?

It is possible to get coverage for dental and vision with Medicare in North Carolina. To understand how, let’s look at the different parts of Medicare. Medicare coverage is divided into Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. 

Original Medicare provides medically necessary care coverage. Medicare Part A provides benefits for hospital treatments and stays. Part A also covers hospice care, stays in skilled living facilities, and certain home health care services. 

Medicare Part B provides coverage for standard medical treatments and care, including outpatient visits and services, medical supplies, and preventative care.

You can also get Medicare Part D, combined with Part A and Part B. Part D covers necessary vaccines, shots, and prescription drugs. 

Finally, Medicare Advantage Part C plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies. They are required to follow the rules set by Medicare. Typically, these plans also include Part D coverage to help you reduce out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs.

Dental and Vision Services Are Not Usually Covered by Original Medicare

The coverage for dental and vision is limited in Original Medicare. Because dental and vision services are not considered necessary medical procedures, they’re not fully covered by either Parts A or B. This means dental exams and supplies aren’t included in your Medicare coverage. However, if you’re in the hospital, a limited number of dental services may be covered under Part A hospital insurance.

Eye exams, eyeglasses, and other vision services are not typically included as an Original Medicare benefit. However, Medicare Part B may provide coverage for limited vision services. For example, glaucoma screening, cataract surgery, testing for diabetic retinopathy, tests for macular degeneration, and diagnostic eye exams. Occasionally, this may also cover prescription eyeglasses or lenses, depending on your situation.

If you need more comprehensive coverage, several options are available to you.

Medicare Advantage Part C Plans

Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C, offers all the benefits included in Original Medicare plus a few more. For example, most Medicare Advantage Part C plans include dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. Additional benefits can also include hearing coverage and gym memberships.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies. Available plans and costs vary based on location, so talking to a local North Carolina Medicare agent is a good idea. We can help you determine the cost of the plan you’re interested in, what dental and vision benefits are included, and understand all the available plans in North Carolina.

Private Dental and Vision Plans

If you want to stay with Original Medicare, consider purchasing a private dental and vision health insurance plan. Plans range in price, coverage, and network. If you already have a provider, reach out to determine which insurance plans they accept. It’s a good option to choose an insurance plan where your provider will file your claim versus paying your provider and getting reimbursed by the insurance company. If you want to learn more about dental and vision insurance in NC, our experienced team of health insurance agents in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina can help.

Medicare Supplement Value Add

Some Medicare Supplement carriers will offer ‘value added’ benefits to their Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plans. These value-added benefits may include dental and vision discounts. However, each provider is different, and add-ons may increase the price of your supplement. To learn more about Medicare Advantage plans with dental and vision, contact us today or compare plans online.

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Contact us to discuss your needs and to help you find the best dental and vision insurance in NC. Based on your budget, we can work out what coverage you’re after and recommend the best dental insurance in North Carolina for you. We can also answer your questions, such as ‘Does Medicare Part B cover dental and vision?’. Our experienced team is available to help, and we’re all locally based, so we understand the regulations specific to North Carolina. Contact us today to find out about Medicare dental and vision benefits.

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