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The Top Three Benefits of Using a Health Insurance Agent

It’s only natural that you’ll have questions if you’re considering enrolling in a health insurance plan. The good news is that the Affordable Care Act means you can get assistance when selecting your plan. You can either work with an experienced, licensed health insurance agent or an authorized individual Marketplace representative called a Navigator to help answer your questions.

Although a licensed agent and a Navigator do share some similarities, there are some differences. It can be more beneficial to use a licensed agent over an unlicensed, government-trained representative. Here are our three top benefits of why you should choose a licensed agent.

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1. Licensed Health Insurance Agents Are Qualified to Help You

A licensed health insurance agent is trained and certified to help you. They’re experienced and knowledgeable about state exchanges and private insurance companies available off-exchange. A local North Carolina health insurance agent can offer valuable guidance when selecting the right plan. In addition, they can help with enrolling in a health insurance plan on or off-exchange, and the best thing is that their help is free of charge.

Licensed health insurance agents are focused on helping you with your health insurance plan needs. Our local health insurance agents NC team has years of experience helping people throughout North Carolina. You can feel confident they’ll work to get the best outcome for you.

2. Licensed Health Insurance Agents Specialize in Helping Consumers 

Using a trained and experienced licensed health insurance agent can offer you peace of mind when making decisions about your insurance coverage. In addition to the Marketplace, a licensed agent can explain the benefits of plans unavailable on the government exchange. They can advocate with your health insurance provider, helping you resolve questions or issues.

Selecting the right health insurance plan can be much easier with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable, licensed health insurance agent who works for customers.

3. Licensed Health Insurance Agents Offer Personalized Advice

Both licensed health insurance agents and unlicensed Marketplace representatives receive training and certification as counselors for state exchanges. They can help locate subsidies that lower the cost of your health insurance.

However, when you work with licensed health insurance agents in North Carolina, they can help select policies that match your needs and budget. An agent and unlicensed government-trained reps can assist with enrolling in a health insurance plan through the government insurance exchange (for free). However, only a licensed agent can make recommendations based on your circumstances.

If you’ve questions about your health insurance plan options within the Marketplace or using a private insurance company, our licensed health insurance agents are ready to answer them. We help you find the right coverage for your health needs and budget.

Additional Benefits Of Choosing a Licensed Health Insurance Agent

When you opt for a licensed health insurance agent over an unlicensed government-trained representative, there are many benefits to consider. Working with an agent means you have someone you are comfortable with who can help when you need to consider life changes, plan changes, and have any claim or benefit questions.

Additional benefits include:

  • They can help you select health insurance policies that are specific to your needs, including location, network, and drug formularies.

  • Providing recommendations about your best plan based on your health and budget.

  • Assisting with locating and applying for government subsidies to help pay for your health insurance.

  • They’re fully trained for the state exchanges they work with.

  • They are required to undergo full criminal background checks.

  • Agents are up to date with the latest regulations and information by undertaking regular ongoing education in health insurance.

  • It can offer guidance on what health insurance plans are available in North Carolina, including the government exchange and private health insurance options.

If you’re using an unlicensed government-trained representative, it’s essential to understand that:

  • They cannot recommend a plan based on your healthcare needs and budget.

  • They don’t have to undergo criminal background checks before working with consumers.

  • They are not required to pass licensure exams to demonstrate their health insurance expertise.

  • They can’t help with a health insurance company after enrollment occurs.

  • They can’t assist consumers in understanding health insurance benefits and plans not sold on a government exchange like the Marketplace.

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