Why We Use Google Reviews

Google Reviews are considered reliable and credible. Google verifies the accuracy of each customer review before it’s published on Google.

HealthPlans of NC

Glynnis O'Donoghue with Health Plans of North Carolina

When it comes to something as important as health insurance, we know that our clients want to be sure they’re getting the best service possible from proven, trustworthy professionals. That’s why at Health Plans of NC, we use Google Reviews as a way for potential clients to get to know our agents and their history of performance.

How Google reviews work 

While the internet is full of unverified and fake information, Google Reviews are reliable and credible. Each customer review is analyzed by Google before it is published. Google uses a highly automated system incorporating hundreds of ways to detect questionable reviews. If reviews don’t seem legitimate, or if they notice anything unusual, they won’t post the review, or they’ll remove content where necessary. 

Google assesses review patterns and detects implausible reviewer behavior, helping to identify spam or fake reviews. While you don't need a Gmail account to leave a review, you must provide your contact email and name. Connecting to your email allows Google to help verify it's a real person leaving a legitimate review and not a competitor looking to damage a business’s reputation. It is virtually impossible to post anonymously with Google Reviews.

So when you’re reading a review on our site, you can be confident that it’s from an actual customer of Health Plans of NC. In addition to taking advantage of Google’s rigorous vetting system, we regularly monitor our reviews ourselves on Google to ensure anyone leaving a review is a genuine customer. We appreciate feedback and respond to any comments or suggestions to help us continue to improve our service.

Why Reviews Matter To Us

At Health Plans of NC, we want our customers to receive the highest level of service. We're passionate about transparency and ensuring our customers understand what they’re getting when they talk to one of our agents. While we are confident that we’re the best choice in the area, we know hearing from established clients can help an interested one make a decision. That’s why we share our Google reviews, so you can read for yourself about what our agents can offer from real people who’ve worked with us before.  

You can jump online and see what customers have said about their experience. We’re proud to have hundreds of 5-star reviews for our local agents. Not only can you read about the services they offer and the experiences other customers have had, but once you find an agent you think would be a good fit, you can contact them directly to access a quote.

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