What Is the Blue to Blue Rule?

When you choose a Blue Cross NC Medicare plan, you have the freedom to make changes to your plan without underwriting. In addition, members can switch supplement plans at designated times throughout the year.

If you live in North Carolina, find out more about how our local Medicare agents can help you get the best Medicare plan for your needs.

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What is the Blue to Blue rule?

Understanding the Blue to Blue rule can help you ‌get the best health insurance in NC for your needs. Blue to Blue offers every Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) Medicare supplement member the option to switch from one plan to another without requiring underwriting. 

As a member, you can switch plans at specific times throughout the year without having to answer any additional health questions. This means you can discover the best Medicare Supplement plans in NC to suit your budget and health needs. Switching is easy, so it’s a great idea to review your options to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your level of coverage.

Benefits of choosing a Blue Cross NC Medicare Supplement plan:

  • No underwriting: you have the freedom to change and save without underwriting.

  • Flexibility: members can switch supplement plans at designated times throughout the year so you’re not stuck with a plan you can’t change.

  • No medical questions: for some plans, if your needs change and you need to switch your coverage, you’ll have to reapply and answer medical questions to qualify. You don’t have to do this with a Blue Cross NC Medicare Supplement plan.

  • Savings: the flexibility of these plans means you can save on your premiums. Some plans’ premiums increase over time, offering a low rate to start but increasing each year. If you need cheap health insurance North Carolina, switching gives you many options to find something that suits your budget.

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The Blue Cross NC Medicare Supplement Blue-to-Blue Rule provides the coverage you need with the flexibility you want. If you’ve got any questions about how the Blue to Blue rule works or your Medicare Supplement plan, get in touch with our dedicated Medicare agents today. We offer guidance on health insurance plans in North Carolina. So we can work with you to organize the best coverage for your situation. 

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