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Life Changes? When & How To Let Your Health Insurer Know

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James LaCorte

Getting married, moving to a new home, and adopting children are exciting events in your life. When these changes happen the last thing, you may think about is letting your health insurer know.  It’s important to let us know of these exciting events or other unexpected changes so we can make sure you have the right coverage and we’re able to send important communications to you.

Examples of changes you should report

A Change in Name:

If you get married and change your name or change your name for other reasons, tell us right away. If your new name is not the name on the insurance plan, claims may not be paid.  

A Change in Address:

We need to know where to find you because your policy is directly linked to your address. It’s important to let us know right away so we can update our systems for billing, claims and other important communications.  

A Change in email or phone number:

Electronic communications are fast and easy. It’s something consumer expect companies to use as part of their communications. We have a variety of programs and updates you may be interested in by phone or email. 


How to update your information:

Updating your information is quick and easy. Here’s where you can go to update your information: 

  • If you are under 65 years old and buy your own insurance, log in to Blue Connect and update your changes, or call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

  • If you or your child has Student Blue insurance (students of North Carolina public colleges who signed up for college insurance): 

    Log in to Student Blue OR send an email to [email protected].

  • If you have insurance through your employer, contact your HR department for any updates.

If you have questions about life changes or general insurance needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


Had a recent change in employment status? Interested in learning more about health insurance? Contact the agent on this website for more info.

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