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The Benefits of Choosing Your Health Insurance Agent

At Health Plans of NC, our experienced and professional team of locally based health insurance agents are here to help you. We've recently launched a new website to make it even easier for anyone living in North Carolina to access the best health insurance plan.  You can request a quote online in seconds simply by providing your zip code. It's a great way to get a quote fast, and we'll assign you to one of our knowledgeable North Carolina agents here to help you find the right plan for your health needs and budget. But if you want more control over your chosen agent, we recommend you look at our new 'Find an Agent' feature. This tool gives you the power to choose which insurance broker you use. 
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What Is a Group Health Plan

Many employees in the United States receive their health insurance through a group health plan. This type of plan can also benefit small business owners and self-employed individuals. But what is a group health plan, and what are its benefits?
As with any health plan, the cost can be a concern. However, with proper information and understanding, you can know which type of plan works best for you. The experienced team of licensed insurance agents at Health Plans of NC can assist you during this process.
Understanding How Group Health Plans Work
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What Is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance plans provide coverage to a group of members, typically company employees or members of a specific organization. Members of a group health plan usually receive insurance at a reduced premium because the risk to the insurer is spread across all policyholders and employers often pay a portion of it for their employees as an added benefit.
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How A Job Change Can Impact Your Health Insurance

Are you considering a job change or thinking about becoming self-employed? If so, it’s essential to consider the impact this change could have on your health insurance, including your coverage and costs. Here’s what you need to know about how a job change could impact your NC health insurance.
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Self-Employed? What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

In the United States approximately 16 million workers are self-employed. Self – employment can provide an entryway to entrepreneurship and small business ownership as well serving as a preferred option for those wanting more flexible schedules than corporate life can typically provide.
In 2020 it was estimated that approximately 41% of the American workforce worked in a freelance position as a self-employed person. Although many people take on freelance gigs to supplement their primary employment with a single company, about 28% of Americans who worked in freelancing in 2020 did freelance work as their full-time occupation. Regardless of whether this trend is a part of an overarching lifestyle choice as many social pundits suggest, this shift does have significant implications for areas like health care coverage.
In recent US history, most of those in the paid workforce have relied upon employer-sponsored health care plans to help them meet their health insurance needs. As the US experiences this shift from more traditional forms of work into this evolving freelance, or gig, economy there is an increased need for individual health care plans that are not attached to a specific employer.
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